Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Welcome marathon lovers, athletes, and Boise lovers!

It is with great pleasure to announce that through great effort and dedication from our coordinators and event partners that the Boise Marathon will be taking place as an in-person event this Fall on October 25th. While the marathon will be taking place in person, it is prudent to let everyone know of some changes that have been made to address COVID-19 concerns, as well as general changes to the event itself.


Foremost, the finisher festival has been removed from the event. While we understand that for many of you this is a great time to connect with other passionate runners and event attendees, it is a component of the event that exposes our staff, volunteers, and attendees to a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure. In order to safeguard the public’s health, we’ve opted to remove this portion of the event. 

Addressing COVID-19

As part of our risk reduction efforts regarding COVID-19, all event staff, volunteers, and contractors will be required to wear masks and protective gloves during the event. Additionally, attendees are requested to wear masks during the beginning and end of the event during the portions that have larger crowds. Whilst running the course, participants are encouraged to wear their masks when approaching other event attendees. We request that participants always try and be respectful during the marathon and respect the space of other attendees while on the course!


We have addressed many concerns surrounding the aid/water stations as well. Cups of water & Gatorade will be laid out for runners to reduce contact with staff and volunteers. Additionally, energy bars will be laid out for participants in a similar format. 


Finally, participants will be able to pick up their marathon swag bags once they’ve completed their designated race. Let the staff know your name and bib number and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of!


Thank you marathoners for your continued support and dedication to this event and sport! We take pride in taking care of you and making sure our events live up to their full potential! 



The Boise Marathon Team