Runner Laughing

Hilarous Things Only Runners Say

Us runners are a strange breed and this is most evident when you’re speaking with someone who isn’t a runner. Here are some hilarious things that only runners say that makes zero sense to everyone else!

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NYC Marathon

Nail Your Marathon: 12 Tips for Success

Whether you’re running your first marathon or your fiftieth marathon there are always nerves, doubts and training dilemmas. Coach, Mario Fraioli shares his top tips for how to navigate the marathon from day one to the finish line.

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Two women tying their shoes

11 Reasons to Start Running

Whatever your reason is for running, you’ll experience many physical, mental, and emotional benefits ​of the sport. Here are some great reasons to start running.

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Group Running

How to Find Your Running Community

For many runners, one of the greatest joys of the sport is belonging to a running community. Running friends give us motivation and encouragement. So if you’re new to running or moving to a new town, how do you find your people?

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Hydration For Runners

Hydration for runners is key. Water is essential for us and aids digestions and of course keeps our body temperature from rising to lethal levels during running. When we work out our muscles produce up to 100 times more heat than when you are on the couch doing nothing.

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